Eating ice cream is considered sexual abuse

Helsinki - were You a fan of ice cream? Beware, be careful if you happen to stop by the country Finland. Because if you are not careful can get tangled in the thinking of child sexual abuse. Whoa ... what to do ice cream with sexual abuse
Dailymail Media proclaim, Saturday (8/10) that a group of lawyers has called for new laws to include sexual harassment of women who eat or enjoy the ice cream or popsicle too provocative in public. According to the paper, a woman who called in a suggestive licking an ice cream could deal with cases of sex discrimination.
Attorneys in Finland even has released a video showing a young woman office worker sucking an ice Lolly ice called a very suggestive way. In the video his fellow man turned awkward date she Central licking ice cream.
Lawyers Association of Finland, representing thousands of legal experts in the country, said on its website, "we have released this video to raise a very difficult problem. Sexual harassment in the workplace can target anyone, man or woman.
However, some people are judging these videotapes are difficult to demonstrate where the boundary line of women or men can be guilty of sexual abuse. An expert on the law of the European Union told the French newspaper France-Soir, "In most European countries, the law says that any movement that aimed at intimidating sexually to others is a criminal offence."

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